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Try Before You Buy! 🤔

Try Before You Buy! 🤔

There are few things more frustrating than taking a chance on an unknown bottle, taking it home to try and realizing after the first sip that it's not for you.  At this point, you can either power through it and drink this bottle you clearly do not like, or you can watch it collect dust on your shelves until guests come over that you can pawn it off on.  Either way, it would have been more helpful if you just sampled it before committing to the full bottle.

One of the greatest things about a TASTR Box experience, is that it lets you try 5 very different bottles within a given category.  Not only will it allow you to truly determine what you like to drink, it will also most certainly help you identify what you would prefer not to drink.  For the cost of 1 bottle, you get to try 5 different bottles and maybe discover a one or two that you actually want to go into the store and purchase for your collection.