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Engaging Customers with a TASTR Experience 👋

Engaging Customers with a TASTR Experience 👋

In the Spring of 2021, I was lucky enough to participate in an online Tequila Tasting with a group of friends.  In addition to the alcohol and a Glencairn tasting glass, this event featured a complete Mexican menu to complement the Tequila assortment.  As it became night, we logged on to the zoom meeting and my perception of Tequila was forever changed.  The expert took us through the basics of the spirit, how it's made, what determines its classification and authenticity and everything else I could possibly need to know.  He then took us through 5 very different bottles.  Up until this point, my relative experience with Tequila was at a resort bar with some lime and salt or in a margarita.  This was nothing like that at all.  By the end, we had a great time and got to talking and networking.  I saw an opportunity to incorporate this into my professional life so I began to inquire. 

For clarification, I am the Director of Partnerships for The Simply Group, and my role is to find unique ways to engage customers and encourage collaboration with our sales teams.  I spoke with TASTR Group to see if I could work with them to execute an on-going corporate program.  Together, we were able to establish regular customer meetings with the unique twist of a Scotch Whisky tasting.  These customers happily participated and our Sales Managers were able to present important program information to larger group as a result. Overall our customers had a great time. By offering a more casual experience, we were able to connect with our customers on a more personal level and gain valuable insight on what we can do to help grow their businesses. After a lot of laughs, the last question was always "When is the next tasting and what are we tasting?" 

After taking a short break over the busy summer months, we decided to relaunch the program in the fall, but this time featuring Bourbon Whiskey.  Once again it was extremely well received and certainly benefitted our business' bottom line.  We continue to have customers talk about the tasting sessions.

If you are looking for a great way to engage customers (or even your own team) I highly recommend working with TASTR Group to develop a corporate experience.

  • Max Zubrick - Director of Partnerships - Simply Group