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Drink Me, I'm Irish! 🍀

Drink Me, I'm Irish! 🍀

St. Patrick's Day has long been associated with green beer, green clothing, dancing, Gaelic music and even a green river (in Chicago at least).  Each year on March 17th, people across the world feel a little Irish - even if they aren't technically Irish.  What started as a celebration, or feast, of Saint Patrick, has now turned into a celebration of Irish identity and culture.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has made it difficult over the past few years to go out and celebrate as bars have been closed and parades cancelled.  Whether or not that changes this March 17th, TASTR Group has the perfect way for you to explore and celebrate Ireland.  Our Irish Whiskey TASTR Box will allow you to taste 5 very different Irish whiskeys and though they aren't green, they definitely demonstrate why Ireland is a special place.  Learn about the history of Irish whiskey, why it's so important and what make's it unique from other whiskeys.  Enjoy it from the comfort of your home or grab a few and enjoy among friends. Sláinte 🥃.